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1. What is remote guarding?

Remote guarding supports and multiplies the impact of your on-site security people, processes and technology.


2. What is a Remote Guarding Center?

It is a centralized command, control and operation centre that leverages video analytics, artificial intelligence and powerful telecommunication systems manned 24/7/365 by highly skilled remote guarding agents.

3. Does Visentry provide the video surveillance and/or access control hardware?

Visentry typically provides Security-as-a-Service. We have a network of hardware providers and installers nationally that we work with. We are capable of working with your current provider. The Visentry team will review your existing infrastructure and provide a gap analysis to enable the integration of new technology and to enhance the performance of the overall system. Visentry will monitor the system on an ongoing basis and manage all preventive maintenance and servicing on an ongoing basis with a local service partner.

4. Does Visentry provide the security guards?

Visentry has established a national network of regional security guard vendors who understand the labor availability and security related issues for their service areas. These companies work as Visentry providers to enable customers to buy the entire service package from a single vendor.

5. How does Visentry save us money?

  • Lower insurance premiums

  • Reduced risk exposure

  • Better protection of data = reduced risk of breach + financial and brand cost reduction

  • Better and more accessible evidence results

6. Why is Visentry better security?

We cover every inch of your facility, including areas that may have been previously unaffordable to access. We give you the ability to reduce or remove the graveyard shift and replace it with around the clock visibility and real time response creating a real deterrent. By turning every camera into a security guard, we provide proactive security, giving your on-site guards the ability to respond to incidents faster or preventing them entirely. Proactive security also allows for fewer false alarms and improves your properties exposure to risk.

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