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Remote Guarding Agent


The Visentry Remote Guard Agent is responsible for reviewing incoming video alarm notifications and responding according to the standard operating procedures

Duties and Responsibilities include:

  • Understanding that customer service and satisfaction are the primary goals of the organization

  • Actively tracking, verifying and acting upon video alert signals received from customer locations

  • Following the standard operating procedures

  • Communicating with law enforcement, customers and other emergency personnel

This is a full-time position, with rotating day and night shifts.


  • Minimum two years of college or equivalent

  • Computer savvy (Google Docs, Microsoft Office, gamers welcome)

  • Strong communication skills

  • Excellent customer service

  • All shifts are overnight and weekends

  • Ability to work independently and also in a team environment

  • SORA certified or equivalent


Visentry provides the most effective and affordable centrally-monitored video security and loss prevention services available for businesses, facilities, and localities through remote guarding. We make perimeter, asset, data and critical infrastructure protection easy, effective and affordable.

Visentry combines intelligent video event detection and analysis capability with the most advanced security hardware and software to provide 24/7 remote monitoring based on real-time detection and response. Visentry's intelligent video monitoring solution is easy to implement and is the most affordable solution for businesses and localities.

Visentry's remote guarding ecosystem provides:

• Prevents theft and vandalism
• Eliminates on-site guarding costs
• Reduces insurance costs
• Ensures fast law enforcement response
• Increases productivity
• 24/7 customer support
• Provides peace of mind

Visentry was founded by two security services experts with more than 50 years of combined experience addressing the needs of businesses and government for effective and cost-efficient services for perimeter, asset, data and critical infrastructure protection. With Visentry, they have introduced a unique and groundbreaking service, remote guarding, which delivers around-the-clock, real-time remote video monitoring and response. Visentry integrates 'intelligent' digital video technology with the most comprehensive central monitoring software available today, delivered on an application Service Provider(ASP) platform that is protected by redundancy and related failsafe mechanisms.

No other company in the market today offers a solution with Visentry's combination of intelligent threat detection technology, comprehensive monitoring and management capabilities, and scalability.  

To apply to the Remote Guarding Agent position, please send a cover letter and resume to