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How a Northeast Audi dealership countered costly thefts with an integrated security plan powered by Visentry, reducing monthly costs by 75%, and recouping their security  investment within first year

Client: Audi

Location: Northeast, USA

//The Challenge

After a series of costly thefts at the Audi dealership in the Northeast US, the general manager, Sean Timmons, did exactly what he should do. He immediately stepped up security, hiring additional security guards to make extra patrols and putting his alarm monitoring company on high alert. Unfortunately, a few months later thieves avoided the security guard patrols, scaled the storage lot fence, and attempted to make off with a car.

Timmons and the police were notified by the alarm monitoring company. When the police arrived 20 minutes later, a shoot-out ensued, damaging several other cars. And unfortunately the thieves still managed to escape. Previously thieves had made off with more than $100,000 in xenon headlights, in two separate incidents.

The Audi dealership has 300 cars at a main location, with another 300 in a storage lot three miles away. In addition, another location nearby includes a small car lot and a parking garage for new cars and client cars being serviced or repaired. All three locations were protected by CCTV cameras monitored by a contract company and security guards patrolled the sites. In addition, the offsite storage lot was protected by a fence.

While it looks like this ticks all the security boxes, this approach was clearly no longer adequate. Timmons set out to find a system that would do more to deter thefts.

//The Visentry Solution

Timmons was drawn to the Visentry solution because it used analytics to reduce false alarms from the motion detectors on the cameras, and had two-way communications that would allow them to talk to intruders in real time.

The Visentry solution consisted of digital CCTV cameras, which were installed around all three properties, and a two-way speaker system. These link back to the Visentry Security Intelligence Center where artificial intelligence (AI) constantly analyzes all footage for red flags and anomalies. If the smart cameras pick up a potentially unauthorized event, such as one or more people on the lot after hours, this is immediately flagged to Visentry security experts based it the Security Intelligence Center. These experts notify the intruders via loudspeakers that they are trespassing, and, if they don’t provide a good reason for being on the site, Visentry calls the police with a description of the intruders.

//The Security Results

Less than three months after the system was installed, several intruders climbed over the fence at the storage lot. The perimeter sensors triggered the CCTV system, and in real time, Visentry's personnel notified the men that they had been seen, were trespassing and needed to leave. To emphasize that this was a live announcement, the Visentry staffers described what each person was wearing.

The intruders did not leave and Visentry called the police with their description. The police arrived and arrested the men. Nothing was stolen. In a subsequent incident at the storage lot, the intruders left when they were told the police were en route. But, thanks to information provided by the Visentry staff monitoring the situation via the CCTV cameras, the police were able to arrest the intruders a short distance away.

//The Business Benefits

Before the Visentry system was installed, the 20 cars on display at the small sales lot and garage had to moved back inside every evening and weekend. Now, the cars can be left out after hours, giving potential customers an additional chance to browse the vehicles when it suits them. Similarly, customers can now drop off their cars for a service after hours.

It is unlikely to be coincidence that Northeast Audi's sales have gone up by 75% since the Visentry system was installed. For Timmons, these increased sales justify the higher upfront expenditure when choosing to work with Visentry. As does the 75% saving on monthly running costs, thanks no longer needing to pay an expensive security guard bill. Finally, the dealership’s insurance premiums have also decreased dramatically in response to the upgraded security.

All in all, according to Timmons, the Visentry system paid for itself in the first year of operation.

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