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Visentry provides remote guarding services that augment or replace your current fleet of security guards and multiply their impact

//The Challenge

Commercial buildings’ specific security requirements are often linked to keeping a geographically spread out, diverse area, with multiple entrance and exit points, safe and secure. This is a challenge for a traditional guarding service, which simply can’t be everywhere at once, all the time.

//The Visentry Solution

Visentry provides remote guarding services that augment your current fleet of security guards and multiply their impact. Turning every camera into a guard means there are “eyes” on the entire property, and your existing guards can be deployed more effectively. Additionally, we can replace the guards that are at entrances or remote gates that let cars into a property, using video intercoms connected to our remote guarding center and operate access control remotely. To create Visentry’s security environment our security experts combine your existing security infrastructure with best-in-class technology, remote guarding agents and our remote guarding center. Our center functions as a command control to support your on-site security team and extend their reach. Each agent is trained to follow specific, customized procedures that we will develop for your commercial property’s needs.

//The Security Results

Visentry’s analytics and AI are primed to spot patterns, detect anomalies and register red flags. Our remote guarding agents respond to these incidents in real time and have the ability to intervene in a number of ways. Thanks to our technology, although the agents are remotely based, they can see and communicate with intruders or people who need assistance. Depending on your Standard Operating Procedures, they can deploy on-site guards and/or law enforcement and provide them with real time updates and descriptions to support their response.


//The Business Results

Because we assist you with the selection and management of security vendors and technology, as well as incorporating your existing infrastructure, you’ll save money from the outset. In addition, you can now deploy fewer guards, especially during the graveyard shift. This enables you to show your tenants a return on their investment in security.

You’ll also improve your property’s security level and reduce your overall risk and exposure in terms of liability. Finally, the seamless tenant and visitor experience as well as the enhanced, proactive security, means happy and loyal occupants.


//Tailored Security Services

  • Perimeter protection - Automatic intruder detection, indoor & outdoor

  • Suspicious people - Automatic people loitering detection

  • Suspicious vehicles - Automatic vehicles loitering detection

  • Illegal parking - Detection of car at forbidden parking

  • Blocking - Detection of blocking cars

  • Car access control - Automatic entrance by license plate

  • Spot finder - Automatically generated list of free parking spots

  • Garbage detection - Detection of garbage (indoor or outdoor)

  • Graffiti & vandalism - Automatic detection of graffiti, broken items

  • Visitor tracking - Ensuring visitors arrive only at approved locations

  • Package room - Remote-controlled room for shipments

  • Vehicle history - Log of all cars entrances / exits by license plate

  • People traffic - Automatic people counting and heat map

  • Vehicle traffic - Automatic vehicle counting and heat map

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