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Maximize the impact of your security guard team by turning every camera into a guard, ensuring there are "eyes" on the entire precinct at all times.  Optimize current guard deployment, with the option to completely replace guard through Visentry's remote capabilities.

//The Challenge

Factory campuses, utilities and other industrial sites typically need to pay attention to securing their perimeters at all hours and better managing access to the site and its various zones.


//The Visentry Solution

To create Visentry’s Security environment our security experts combine your existing security infrastructure with best-in-class technology, remote guarding agents and our remote guarding center. Our center functions as a command control to support your on-site security team and extend their reach. Each agent is trained to follow specific, customized procedures that we will develop for your industrial property’s needs. Visentry’s analytics and AI are primed to spot patterns, detect anomalies and register red flags. Our remote guarding agents respond to these incidents in real time and have the ability to intervene in a number of ways. Thanks to our technology, although the agents are remotely based, they can see and communicate with intruders or people who need assistance. Depending on your Standard Operating Procedures, they can deploy on-site guards and/or law enforcement and provide them with real time updates and descriptions to support their response. Security requirements unique to a specific facility can typically be accommodated.


//The Security Results

Because we assist you with the selection and management of security vendors and technology, as well as incorporating your existing infrastructure, you’ll save money from the outset. Mitigating risk, and reducing overhead will help improve the efficiency, efficacy and economics of your operation. Even if your facility is vacant, or remote from the rest of your operations, we can still secure it, because Visentry’s remote guarding center’s agents can perform almost any task that can be given to a human security guard.

//The Business Results:

You’ll have a more secure facility, with less risk and exposure from a liability point of view, thanks to more responsive and proactive security.


//Tailored Security Services


  • Perimeter protection - Automatic intruder detection, indoor & outdoor

  • Suspicious people - Automatic people loitering detection

  • Suspicious vehicles - Automatic vehicles loitering detection

  • Vehicle black list - Automatic alert on specific vehicles approaching

  • Object protection - Detection of removed objects (e.g. art items)

  • Congregation - Automatic detection of crowding people

  • Illegal parking - Detection of car at forbidden parking

  • Garbage detection - Detection of garbage (indoor or outdoor)

  • Graffiti & vandalism - Automatic detection of graffiti, broken items

  • Visitor tracking - Ensuring visitors arrive only at approved locations

  • Package room - Remote-controlled room for shipments

  • Vehicle history - Log of all cars entrances / exits by license plate

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