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Container Services

How a Northeast container service used Visentry's security intelligence solutions to reduce security risk & increase safety within their facility.

//The Challenge

On a daily basis, nearly $5 million in goods are stored at the one of the largest container service headquarters in Northeast US, and vehicles are continuously entering and exiting the facility. The constant flow of goods and services made the risk of theft or tampering very high. The logistics company provides import and export services to multi-national retailers and distributors throughout the United States. It also offers warehousing services that include export consolidation, import distribution, flat rack storage and cargo banding. Having clients’ goods go missing or be interfered with was not an option for the company.

So the company decided to explore new technologies to help reduce security risks and increase safety within their Northeast-based facility. The team needed to monitor access very carefully, and, with a busy 130,000-square-foot warehouse and six acres to monitor, this was no small feat.

The owner, Joe Noonan, wanted to go beyond typical video surveillance technology to tap into an automated service that would allow the team to prevent theft, gather evidence and react in real-time. He also didn’t want to be too distracted from their core business, nor have to employ dedicated staff to manage the service. 

//The Visentry Solution

Visentry ticked all the boxes for Noonan’s facility. Visentry combines intelligent video event detection and analysis capabilities to provide 24/7 remote monitoring based on real-time detection and response. The platform uses high-definition (HD) video surveillance cameras and intelligent analytics to detect potential threats. Users define detection parameters and, when a threat is detected, the remote Visentry Security Intelligence Center’s team is notified. A Visentry agent then manages a real-time response, using CCTV cameras to verify the event and acquire more information on risk factors. If the alarm is high priority, the agent can alert local police.

//The Security Results

Thanks to Visentry's smart video surveillance and technology and remote Security Intelligence Center, the team is able to respond quickly if a security incident occurs. It gives the team the ability to prevent theft or tampering of the large volume of cargo coming and going on a daily basis. Plus, in an investigation, the team has easy access to the information it needs.

In addition, the logistics firm has reduced the number of false alarms by using Visentry technology. This had resulted in the company building a stronger relationship with local law enforcement.

//The Business Results

As well as achieving its main objective of securing its cargo and reducing theft, the logistics firm recouped its initial investment in just two months, and says the ongoing service is incredibly cost effective. It is also happy with the working relationship it has developed with Visentry, plus the security company’s ongoing innovation.

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