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How residential properties are using reomte doorman services to reduce cost, increase security and develop a stream lined experience for tenants.

//The Challenge

Everyone wants to feel safe, but nobody wants to feel like they are living in a fortress. In addition, residential security guards are required to extend their reach across the perimeter, parking spaces, and shared amenities, as well as people moving around. Thanks to the force multiplier of Visentry's advanced video surveillance and analytics technology, plus the capabilities of its remote guarding center, existing on-site teams can be supported in doing all this. Some of the quieter shifts can even be replaced. In addition, the Visentry remote guarding center can take over access, concierge and delivery reception services, freeing up on-site guards to be more effective.

//The Visentry Solution:

To create Visentry’s security environment our security experts combine your existing security infrastructure with best-in-class technology, remote guarding agents and our remote guarding center. Our center functions as a command control to support your on-site security team and extend their reach. Each agent is trained to follow specific, customized procedures that we will develop for your residential property’s needs. Visentry’s analytics and AI are primed to spot patterns, detect anomalies and register red flags. Our remote guarding agents respond to these incidents in real time and have the ability to intervene in a number of ways. Thanks to our technology, although the agents are remotely based, they can see and communicate with intruders or people who need assistance. Depending on your Standard Operating Procedures, they can deploy on-site guards and/or law enforcement and provide them with real time updates and descriptions to support their response.

//The Security Results

Visentry gives residents a sense of safety in their home without feeling they are living in a place that requires security. By combining your existing security infrastructure with advanced video analytics, artificial intelligence and highly skilled security professionals, we create a powerful force multiplier, maximizing the protection and management of your residential property. This keeps your residents happy, comfortable, and more loyal to your building. This frees up your lobby security officer to focus on what is important, as well as giving them better insight on what is going on in the area, and what needs their attention immediately.

//The Business Results

You save money, get improved security thanks to more responsive, more proactive security.

//Tailored Security Services

  • Perimeter protection - Automatic intruder detection, indoor & outdoor

  • Suspicious people - Automatic people loitering detection

  • Car access control - Automatic entrance by license plate

  • Graffiti & vandalism - Automatic detection of graffiti, broken items

  • Visitor tracking - Ensuring visitors arrive only at approved locations

  • Package room - Remote-controlled room for shipments

  • Vehicle history - Log of all car’s entrances / exits by license plate

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