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Visentry outdoor perimeter protection offers both preventative and proactive monitoring techniques. Through detailed designs tailored to each location.  Automatic intrusion detections are addressed through intelligent software which analyzes in real time video feeds from cameras that surround the monitored facility. Outdoor speakers and microphones provide two way audio communications between the “site” and the Central Station. Once an intrusion is detected, live video and audio are automatically streamed via the internet to Visentry’s Central Station. The intruder is then alerted, and appropriate authorities are notified. Extensive testing has proven that when warned, intruders leave immediately.


Take the right measures to ensure your property is protected from theft & vandalism. Visentry's remote guarding services enable perimeter protection, enhanced with AI & video analytics to have you covered at all times.


Property, inventory, and all assets require monitoring  to protect & preserve their value. Through custom tailored security plans paired with 24-7 central station, Visentry has your best interest in mind, providing the upmost  & sophisticated security to protect your assets. 


Reduce total security costs by complimenting Visentry's solutions with existing on-site guards & on site measures, ultimately reducing operating costs. Visentry will consult you on the best security measures reducing bottom line costs. 

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